We pride ourselves on helping tenants find properties to match their aspirations and lifestyles, trying to make what can be a stressful process as easy as possible. These top tips when renting you a home are valuable to ensure you are as prepared as possible:

Know The Area

Although you may know the area where you are thinking of renting, it is important to research specifics and to relay the information to your agent. Find the streets you like and tell us what you like about them, make sure you have also thoroughly thought through your access to work and transport links.

Convey Your Needs

Register your details fully with staff; they have access to a wide range of properties across our network and it will enable you to be the first to know about new homes on the market, before they make their way onto various portals. If your requirements change, ensure that we know so that we can only send you the most suitable properties. You will receive regular correspondence from our lettings staff via phone and via email, unless otherwise requested, , but you will always be provided with a personal approach when finding a rental property in Central and South West London.

Express Your Interest

Lettings properties in London can move very quickly so ensure your negotiator knows of any properties you are interested in as soon as possible, especially as many Landlords/Tenants require 24 hours notice before viewings. When making an offer always ensure it is a written offer and indicate any possible changes you would like to make to the property or whether you are taking it ‘as seen’. At this stage you will also need to confirm what date you intend to move into the property.

Offer What It’s Worth

We will always try and give you honest advice, but what is key is to take into account market conditions and offer what you think you would pay for it. Many tenants can fall into the trap of offering too low and end up missing out on a property they loved. Note all offers must be confirmed in writing, including anticipated time scales, and you should notify us of any related notice periods, and your financial circumstances.

Additional Costs

Visit our Tenant’s Fees page for an up to date indication of costs incurred by tenants. If at any point you are unsure as to the fees you need to pay when renting a property, our negotiators will be more than happy to talk you through it.

You will see a fee for tenant referencing; Saks London use an external reference agency who confirm that the applicant is who they say, that they are in a financial position to pay their rent, establish if there are any financial ‘black marks’ against the tenant and overall help Saks London and the Landlord obtain a better picture. Saks London is also a member of the Deposit Protection Scheme to protect a tenant’s deposit from any unfair deductions.

Moving In

On the day of your move in you will either meet a check in clerk or collect the keys from one of our offices. You will need to arrange for the redirection of your mail, and contact all the relevant utility companies, services providers and your local council to set up accounts in your name. It is also advisable to take meter readings on this day.

Rental Payments

All rental payments are to be made by Standing Order. If Saks London manages your property then you will need to make payments into our account, which will then be passed onto the Landlord. Should Saks London not manage your property then you may have to pay your Landlord directly, and we will provide you with the necessary account details. Please be aware that you are responsible for all utility bills, TV license and council tax payments. We are happy to provide you with a contact directory of major service providers.

Terms You May Need To Know:

A UK homeowner who can guarantee the rent of a tenant who is not in a financial position to do so.

An inventory will be undertaken. This is an accurate list of everything contained within a property and the condition.

A house in multiple occupation, the guidelines for which can be found on the relevant local council website.

Company Let
A tenancy taken out under a company name, automatically this is not an Assured Household Tenancy.

Break Clause
A contractually agreed point in the tenancy agreement where either party may break the contract without penalty. You may have agreed to have a break clause put into your contract. Your contract will specify how notice is to be served, but as a rule of thumb, if your property is managed by Saks London you will need to deliver your notice by hand or registered mail to our Property Management Department.

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